Fellow Livestock Producers,

                                                                                                                                     It is with great pleasure we welcome you to the Adams Connection/                                                                                                                                           Snake River Valley Genetics Bull Sale, March 6, 2019 in Blackfoot                                                                                                                                             Idaho. We value your time and thank you for reviewing the livestock                                                                                                                                         presented in this catalog.

                                                                                                                                    We are super excited about this sale as we will have 4 generations of                                                                                                                           our family selling bulls from our offering. Great Grandpa Darrell still feeding                                                                                           bulls every day for us and he takes care of the heifers as well, Teresa and I, Darrell and Jenny                                                                                              with the WSA prefix are 3rd generation and Jared and Tiffany’s kids Conner and Angie are the                                                                                          4th generation will have their first bulls in this sale. Our son and new daughter in law Mark and                                                                                          Charrisa help with the livestock and have announced they are expecting identical twin girls in                                                                                              May! More grand kids to spoil…

                                                                                    This is the most consistent set of bulls we have ever produced. Every time we work the bulls we                                                                                            stop and note a different bull that stands out. The yearling weights to date support this as they are                                                                                       good and plenty of them.

                                                                              We are not offering any females this year as we are in the planning stages of our first Snake River                                                                                        Genetics female sale in the fall of 2020. More to come on this adventure.

                                                                             Our program is dedicated to cow families that are productive, docile and long term. Several of the bulls                                                                               we will sell have dams that are 9-13 years old.   

                                    We would like to thank our advertisers and sponsors. Please contact these good folks and they will provide you with the same                                          service and products that we have had the opportunity to enjoy.

                                      Teresa and I run the place during early mornings and late evenings with the help of our extended family and headlamps! We                                          welcome you anytime for homemade cookies, milk and cattle. We hope to see you March 6 and are confident you won’t be                                               disappointed.
                                                                                                                      Best regards,  Arnold and Teresa Callison,  Rimrock Angus